Engineer - Infrastructure

Melbourne, AU
Technology – Platform /
Infrastructure  Engineering @ Xero

SASIO is a cross-functional infrastructure team who specialise in providing essential infrastructure expertise to bolster and empower development teams within one of our Product Engineering portfolios. They enable their colleagues to focus on their core objectives with greater confidence and efficiency.

SASIO’s work includes designing resilient, scalable solutions, automating CI/CD pipelines, enhancing cloud security and monitoring, optimising performance and costs, and ensuring the seamless operations of some of Xero’s crucial business applications with benefits to both the wider Product and Technology organisation and our external customers. They do this through targeted initiatives aimed at tackling complex, high-priority work to enable Xero for future growth. Such initiatives include migrating crucial business applications running on EC2 instances to Amazon ECS and introducing dynamic and predictive scaling to provide a better experience to our customers whilst also reducing our operational costs.

Though directly supporting 2 Product Engineering teams, the wider scope of SASIO’s work means collaborating with multiple teams across our Product and Technology organisations so being able to work with large numbers of people, across multiple teams is key to success.

Here is what we do look for in a Xero Engineer:

    • Experience in delivering code in a production environment
    • Hands-on experience implementing solutions in a cloud environment, preferably AWS
    • Experience of modern product and engineering principles and practices
    • Understanding of cloud technologies and experience with CI/CD systems
    • Understanding of containerisation technologies, preferably Amazon ECS
    • Experience working with others in a collaborative, open and proactive way
    • Experience writing infrastructure-as-code
    • Experience with Windows-based workloads would be advantageous.
    • Experience with PowerShell would be advantageous