Data Engineer - Singapore

Software Engineers
Full Time
In Xfers, you'll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. You will be exposed to the latest developments in the payments industry and have the chance to learn about new and emerging trends in financial technology, how a startup works and how to make product decisions that are aligned with the business goals.

You will assume full ownership for the strategy, design and management of reporting and BI function for all our product and finance team to make an informed pricing and product decision. 


    • Write optimized SQL queries to generate financial and product reports
    • Ensure that the reports you create have no errors on it by adopting a strict workflow and a well thought out testing methodology.
    • Create dashboards for end-to-end visibility of various product metrics
    • Work with our product team to conduct product testing experiments, and deriving insights from our user’s daily activity to make informed product decisions
    • Work with our finance team to generate reports that will help power our pricing model
    • Creating, measuring and analyzing different parts of our products to understand trends and generate insights that management can work off on


    • 1 - 3 years of Data Analyst or Data Engineering Experience
    • BS/MS Degree in any relevant major. (ex: IT, Computer Science, Quantitative finance, etc) 
    • Excellent SQL query skills
    • Experience with the database management system such as MySQL / Oracle / Postgres
    • Experience in data analysis 
    • Proficiency in analyzing, interpreting and summarizing data quickly for various audiences through narrative and visuals
    • Experience with Data/BI tools.
    • Knowledge of commercial reporting tools and technologies and comfortable handling large data sets.
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to process a high amount of data to drive business strategies and decisions
    • Experience with data warehousing and data engineering a plus