Software Engineer - Front-End

Software Engineers
Full Time
Xfers Mission
Xfers believes in financial inclusion. We abstract away regulatory and compliance responsibilities, making it easy for Fintech and digital businesses to accept payments, store and disburse funds.

In Singapore, we are a Widely Accepted Stored Value Facility alongside only 4 other companies, namely Capitaland, Ezlink, Cashcard, and NETS.
In Indonesia, we are a registered payments gateway licensee. We work closely with regulators to ensure that our services are compliant.

As Software Engineer, Frontend at Xfers, you will be working extensively on the Dashboard revamp project. The Dashboard revamp project is part of the initiatives to improve both our external users experience, and the internal operation team experience. Other than the users we are serving, we also value our own developers experiences. We intend to develop a robust and comprehensive frontend ecosystem that our engineers can always enjoy working in. You will be adopting all the exciting cutting-edged technology as we revamp our front-end stacks. Besides that, you will also be supporting the enhancements and upgrades to our Javascript SDK.

Who you are

    • You are self-driven to learn and grow as an individual and engineer
    • You always take full ownerships of the things you undertake, including your own development
    • You manage complexity well, able to break down complex solutions into clear, understandable chunks
    • You understand the importance of communication, and you always seeks to establish understanding among the team members
    • You are open and question status quo in a constructive manner, so that things can improve
    • You are responsible. Other team members can fully trust that you can execute on your tasks

What you'll need

    • Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or related field, or equivalent practical experience (preferred).
    • At least 2 years of experience working with React, Webpack, and other related frontend stacks. TypeScript, Cypress would be nice-to-have.
    • Experience in writing automated front-end end-to-end test.
    • Experience in collaborating with other technical people, be it back-end, data or devops folks.
    • Experience owning, shipping, and iterating on web products
    • Experience building user-facing products.
    • [Nice-to-have] Experience in building large-scale and full-fledged application with proper monitoring, and analytics system.
    • [Nice-to-have] Experience in building backend services and databases (relational or NoSQL).