Senior Software Engineer - Indonesia (Jakarta)

Software Engineers
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Software Engineer
In Xfers, you'll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. You will be exposed to the latest developments in the payments industry and have the chance to learn about new and emerging trends in financial technology, how a startup works and how to make product decisions that is aligned with the business goals.

Most of what you'll do day-to-day will involve working with our designers to create amazing and intuitive payments experiences on the web. We use a combination of Rails, jQuery architecture and having lots of fun with it. You'll create flexible, reusable UI and app abstractions that let us build new features quickly and easily. We aim to write code that computes efficiently.


    • Build and maintain new user-facing features or overhaul existing ones.
    • Research, guide and execute broad architecture changes.
    • Work with a codebase that is highly fault tolerant.
    • Lead a team of software engineers to deliver on our product timelines
    • Own end-to-end availability and performance of mission-critical services and build automation to prevent problem recurrence; automate response to all non-exceptional service conditions.
    • Define and track key engineering operations metrics for overall production performance, quality, reliability, scalability and availability.
    • Drive process, technology and operational improvements to constantly improve key operational metrics.
    • Lead by example, care for your team and establish credibility with the quality of you and your team’s technical execution.
    • Responsibility for your roadmap and release planning to meet business and operational metrics.
    • Build and maintain effective relationships with key dependent partners
    • Grow your direct reports to achieve their career goals through coaching, feedback loop, and high engagement.


    • 3 - 6 years of engineering experience. BS/MS Degree in any relevant major. (ex: IT, Computer Science, etc) OR Significant open source project contribution with adequate computer science fundamentals studies from online courses.
    • Proficiency with any programming languages/framework. e.g.: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, React.js, will be a plus point
    • An understanding of complex algorithms and data structures, as well as a passion for intellectual challenges.
    • Experience with the database management tool, MySQL.
At Xfers, we believe in financial inclusion. As South-East Asia stands on the cusp of being an economic powerhouse in the coming years, there is a need to enable many individuals to step out of their marginalised financial environments. In empowering a speedier entry by digital financial service providers into these markets, we aim to bring equal financial opportunities to all, in the hope of alleviating financial hardship.