Generalist Software Engineer - Founding Team

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering /
Full Time
About Xip
Xip is creating the world’s best personalized learning experience - we help people learn faster, give up less, and experience more “aha” moments. Top creators across sports, fitness, cooking, music and others use Xip to help their fans and monetize their expertise.

Our founders are experienced entrepreneurs who have built, scaled, and sold companies together for the last decade. We have raised $5mm from top VCs and angels including Reach Capital, Jeff Weiner (CEO @ LinkedIn), Mark Williamson (COO @ MasterClass), and dozens of other incredible startup founders and operators. While we’re well funded, it’s still early days; we’re a tight-knit team of 6 at the beginning of our journey, and we’re looking for someone that’s excited about the challenges and opportunities that come with early-stage startups. 

Technical Challenges
At Xip, we shy away from building in a vacuum. We perform experiments and double down on elements of the product that are showing signs of success with real customers. We’re constantly experimenting and trying out new formats for learning, and while they always center on the asynchronous exchange of videos between experts and learners, the details vary a lot:

Paradigm: Is there a single back/forth, or a recurring nature to the feedback users are getting? Does every request have a response? Example: Easy one-off requests vs in-depth personalized courses.

Payments: Do users pay each time they ask a question, or do they buy a bundle that includes multiple items? Is it a subscription or a one-off transaction? Are we selling a fixed number of interactions, or unlimited Q&A for a fixed amount of time? What fee does Xip take and when?

Content: Do messages include video? Text? Images? Answers to predetermined questions? Are lessons custom/personalized each time, or do we enable creators to build up a library of reusable components to draw from when composing responses?

The result is a wide array of technical challenges. The more flexible/generic our data model, the more we’re able to support different learning paradigms and experiments, but the harder it is to support each one well and iterate quickly.

As a key member of the early team, you’ll be responsible for navigating these tricky tradeoffs. You’ll define our data model, implement APIs, and build UIs that feel native and joyful on both mobile and desktop.

You’ll also write the behind-the-scenes code that makes it all fit together, like transcoding videos, making data available to our sales/marketing teams, and building internally-facing admin tools. You’ll see projects through from concept to production to iteration, and you’ll help define our standards for deployment, testing, and monitoring.


    • As Xip’s second engineer, you will work directly with the CTO and founding team to create a new and personalized approach to learning.
    • Help to maintain and uphold our high bar for code quality, uptime, and user experience while staying true to our startupy goals of shipping unreasonably fast and finding creative solutions.
    • Guide product decisions and the company roadmap by providing an engineer’s perspective.
    • Evaluate and improve the user experience for both users and creators.
    • Hire, attract, and onboard other great engineers. We’re on a mission to build a world-class engineering team, and you’ll be a strong voice in the room.
    • Shape the culture of our company to be the best place you ever worked.


    • 2+ years of professional engineering experience
    • Excited about the uncertainty and ownership that comes with working at an early stage startup
    • An innate desire to leave your mark on the company, and natural willingness to go above and beyond
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
    • Excited to live and work in San Francisco. Hybrid work is okay, but you should be excited about being in the office at least a few days a week. We’ll pay to relocate you if necessary.

Tech Stack

    • Ruby on Rails, React, Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS, Postgres
    • Experience with our stack is useful, but not required. If you don’t have experience with our stack, then learning should be a challenge that you’re excited about (and we’re happy to support you in this process).


    • Generous equity w/10-year exercise window on stock options
    • Top notch health benefits
    • Unlimited PTO
    • Monthly wellness stipend. Spend it on anything that makes you happier or healthier.