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About Us

At, Inc., we believe that Identity is one of the foundational pieces of web infrastructure. Identity today is broken: credential-based authentication is easily compromisable, enables fraud, data breaches, account takeovers, and allows bad actors to compromise trust and safety of online platforms and marketplaces. Our mission is to make any interaction between people and systems on the internet safe and secure.

To accomplish our mission, we build Entry- biometric identity provider that enables anyone to use their real identities online. Entry lets users securely authenticate by face on any device with a webcam and internet connection, confirm and verify their identities while being in full control of their data, privacy, and access control.

Entry helps businesses, marketplaces, and platforms to verify the identities of their users with confidence, establish trust, reduce losses from fraud, and prevent account takeovers.

We have a unique opportunity to build and shape this foundational piece of the internet infrastructure, make any interaction safe and secure for end-users and organizations and enable the next generation of online businesses to build products using the first of its kind system of record of verifiable identities.

Proudly backed by Y Combinator,, Base.Ventures, Two Bear Capital, and other exceptional angel investors.

The Goal for the Role

Design and implement solutions and best practices to improve security and user experience for Entry.

Why this position with these requirements?

Security and privacy at XIX are at the very core of what we do. Protecting user identity and data is of utmost importance. This role is perfect for someone who really cares about privacy and security.

Currently, authentication/MFA creates a lot of opportunities for fraud and phishing. Entry addresses this problem by allowing companies to go passwordless and continuously verify their users' identities.

The document verification industry is broken — available services are not enough for even compliance needs, much less for actual fraud prevention. We have redesigned the process of identity verification in every aspect, per requirements from such strictly regulated industries as banking, fintech, and insurance.

What you will work on

    • Develop RESTful APIs with their DB and API schemas as services using Python, OpenAPI, PostgreSQL, Docker
    • Deliver developed components as configurable CDK applications in a separate repository that we could integrate with our systems
    • Write comprehensive documentation on the architecture, integrating, maintenance, configuration. For APIs — exporting and formatting them in OpenAPI. Describe any manual configuration required for the first integration (e.g. creating Secrets) 

We are excited to work with you, if...

    • You have software engineering experience in a high-stakes production environment, e.g. have played a critical role in developing an application handling highly sensitive data.
    • You have broad applied knowledge of application security and security architecture.
    • You write high-quality code in Java or Python and have a knack for systems design: edge cases, failure modes, lifecycles.
    • You have experience with the main components of AWS ecosystem, particularly API Gateway, EC2/ECS, RDS, CloudWatch.

Detailed technical qualifications - AWS CDK

    • VPC and security groups
    • API Gateway (REST/HTTP), its integrations, custom Lambda authorizers, request/response templates, CORS, domain names
    • Route53 — providing custom domain names for internal services
    • Lambda
    • RDS — defining Postgres clusters and connecting then to deployed applications
    • DynamoDB — defining and querying tables, managing streams, and their handlers
    • ECS — in case of containerized applications, deploying them in VPCs and integrating with other components, such as RDS
    • Secrets Manager — storing and retrieving credentials and certificates

Detailed technical qualifications - Engineering

    • Python
    • PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
    • OpenAPI, RESTful API design
    • Docker, Git, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.