DevOps Engineer

Denver, CO/ Austin / New York, YK / Remote /
Engineering/Dev /
Yaguara helps teams use real-time data to set, measure, and meet goals. Connect all your tools and Yaguara helps you track progress toward goals, see projected performance and delivers predictive insights and recommendations to help you make better decisions, faster.

As the DevOps engineer, you will be a key part of Yaguara’s success, developing roadmaps and executing on infrastructure solutions. We are currently using terraform to manage our AWS resources, for which a healthy familiarity is expected. You will be responsible for maturing our infrastructure as we scale to larger customers. You will facilitate a new data ingestion pipeline’s resources, as well as maintain and iterate on our CI/CD pipelines. We are seeking someone strategic and analytical - you will investigate how to efficiently host our services at scale as well as how to coach our team for maintaining these services together.
We are looking for a talented DevOps engineer who is confident with their ability to execute on our infrastructure needs. To excel in this role, you must be fluent in current best practices in the AWS ecosystem. We need someone who is competent with configuring monitors and alerts to enable us to be proactive when we’re nearing capacity for any aspect (our API latency, core database metrics, etc). Figuring out how to run a collection of services efficiently should be something that interests you. This will include database hosting tasks such as testing backups, standing up read replicas and upgrading with minimal downtime. You will test our system integrity, implemented designs, application developments and other processes related to infrastructure, making improvements as needed.

Skill Set

    • Experience with Linux based infrastructures and AWS
    • Very comfortable working with Docker, optimizing container builds, and various services for deploying and running containers
    • Strong experience with hosting and maintaining databases and data warehouses
    • Thorough knowledge of information security fundamentals
    • Strong networking skills
    • Eager to learn and teach or coach others
    • Ability to update our processes and design new ones as needed
    • Working knowledge of Javascript, Bash and/or other scripting languages

We are pioneering a new product that is seeing great adoption in exciting markets. There's a constant buzz and euphoria around the office as we keep building and establishing ourselves. If you couple that with great investors, advisors, and such you have a strong nucleus of people that are going to keep taking this team to the next level.