Visiting Partner (Life Sciences)

San Francisco & Mountain View
Y Combinator’s Visiting Partner program is a way for entrepreneurs who are in between gigs to work with us temporarily, explore many different companies and industries, learn about seed stage investing, and give back to the next generation of founders.  It’s a 6-month program that can optionally be extended, during which you’ll go through one complete YC “batch” and work closely with about 150 companies.

As a Visiting Partner, you’ll participate alongside the full-time partners in all aspects of running YC’s program, including reading applications, interviewing and funding teams, and advising companies.  You’ll also play a role in outreach and speaking activities to spread awareness about YC, bringing more investors and partners to YC’s ecosystem, and helping to tailor YC’s program for the needs of life sciences companies

YC started funding bio companies 2011 and since then the number of bio companies we’ve funded per batch has risen exponentially, now over 141 in total.  The most recent batch was 25% bio, by far the highest ever.  Some of the notable life sciences companies we’ve funded include Gingko Bioworks, Science Exchange, uBiome, Atomwise, and Verge Genomics.  To continue to support these companies well, we are looking to add more domain experts to our team.

What we’re looking for:
* Founder of a successful life sciences company
* Strong scientific or medical background
* Broad experience and knowledge of the life sciences with interest in many areas
* Preferred: experience working with or investing in many life science startups

The Visiting Partner role is a short-term, full time position.  It comes with salary (paid monthly for the six month term), benefits and participation in YC’s incentive bonus plan.