DevOps Engineer

New York City
Thank you for your interest in joining the Yieldstreet team! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have slowed our hiring and are being thoughtful about which roles we bring on that are critical to our business at this time. We are carefully reviewing all applications on a regular basis and will be in touch should we deem your application a good fit for this position. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these uncertain times. 

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About the Role

YieldStreet is hiring a DevOps Engineer to work on the team responsible for all of our technical infrastructure. Our suite of applications are served in AWS. The job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly, the lights stay on, and we have prepared for bad luck with good planning.

This role is for someone who has experience operating cloud native applications. You will be working on a team that is partially remote and reporting to the Head of Infrastructure.

The most important job on the DevOps team at YieldStreet is to keep the applications available. This means planning for the worst and working with engineering teams to ensure we the proper resources available and provisions in place to fail gracefully.

What you'll do - Build Infrastructure:

    • Work with software teams to determine the best infrastructure and middleware to use for their applications. This could include choosing database engines, benchmarking server configurations, working with consultants such as Lightbend, and validating those assumptions with our cloud provider.
    • Develop automation tooling to ensure there is as little human interaction to keep builds repeatable and measurable. You will write Terraform modules and code to deploy infrastructure, Ansible/CloudInit to bootstrap servers, and Python/Golang code to automate additional processes not covered by those applications.
    • Work with the security team to bolster our defenses against bad actors and internal threats due to misuse using tools such as CrowdStrike and developing checks against CIS Benchmarks.

What you'll do - Develop Pipelines:

    • Automation is a first class product in the DevOps team at YieldStreet, this includes the building and deployment of applications. You may work on improving our build tools and the underlying jobs they run to create application artifacts.
    • Develop optimal deployment patterns for our applications which can include static code analysis for security and language linting, container layer security scanning, infrastructure performance testing, and infrastructure unit testing.

What you'll do - Increase Reliability:

    • Develop testing plans and drills for restoring backups and our disaster recovery environment.
    • Continue our practice of Observability by discovering new metrics that impact our SLO’s.
    • Develop random failures (chaos engineering) to ensure that our services are resilient and can fail gracefully.
    • Wake up at 2AM to respond to outages and participate in blameless post mortems over the following days as well as follow ups to ensure our system and our processes prevent those failures in the future.

What you'll need:

    • On the DevOps team, we are the first line of defense against issues in our system and thus you analyze every change in the context of a much bigger picture, assess its risk for the future, and how it impacts other applications in the environment.
    • Being a small team in the engineering organization that is constantly innovating and paying down tech debt, you look to eliminate inefficient processes and time consuming work by automating at every opportunity for your team members and the broader engineering organization. 
    • You are pragmatic and you understand that your decisions can impact applications all the way up the stack. This also means you are willing to dump processes and procedures that are not productive and learn from those failures to create ones that do. 
    • At YieldStreet, we have the goal of becoming the largest wealth management company on the planet, and that means thinking out of the box to prevent the scale problems we will experience early on. You enjoy seeking opportunities to learn, onboard new tools, and teach. 
About Yieldstreet

Yieldstreet is building the largest global digital wealth management platform to change the way wealth is created. With an investor-first approach, our investor community builds a diversified portfolio of investments outside of the stock market to generate passive income. Yieldstreet is giving unprecedented access to asset classes such as Real Estate, Marine, Legal, Art & Commercial. We’re headquartered in New York City with offices in Brazil, Argentina, Malta and Greece.  


We offer an attractive market compensation and benefits package including a stock option plan, health, dental & vision benefits, life insurance, unlimited paid vacation, sabbatical and paid holidays and that's before you even step in the office! 

This is an opportunity to work with a group of diverse, smart, and friendly people from 8 different countries who speak a total of 17 different languages. Our team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs with combined exits of over $1B, and we get social with each other during happy hours, exercise classes and team off sites in our work hard/play hard culture. We're located in a beautiful new office in Midtown, and our building is close to most major subway lines.