Senior Software Engineer

Mountain View, CA
Imagine the anti-car repair shop, where you get accurate price quotes upfront, can have a mechanic come to you instead of you waiting at the shop for hours, and where you can see and interact with the mechanic working on your car in your comfort of your home or office instead of talking to a service advisor who is measured on the ability to sell you unnecessary services. YourMechanic is revolutionizing car repair by turning the traditional model on it's head and maximizing transparency and trust through the use of technology. Every week, we are saving our customers hundreds of hours of productive time that would otherwise be spent in a waiting room!

YourMechanic is growing rapidly and we are looking for Sr. Software Engineers who, like Mechanics, enjoy looking 'under the hood' and can work across the entire product spectrum, to join our core development team. This involves working intimately with both the low level parts of our back-end system as well as the user facing front-end. Our back-end implements some of the most complex modules of our system, including our instant pricing engine that is capable of producing car repair and maintenance cost estimates across multitudes of combinations of cars and services. If you are excited about solving challenging problems and helping to bring the archaic car repair/maintenance industry into the modern age, we would love to hear from you!

Upcoming Projects

    • Build a scalable system for managing millions of automotive part SKUs, fitment and the algorithms to pick a relevant part and price in real-time while accounting for local availability.
    • Implement a feedback program for mechanics to automatically provide them guidance regarding their performance on the platform with tips on how to improve.
    • Scale the content platform to enable serving tens of millions of pages to as many monthly unique visitors with instantaneous load times and high interactivity.
    • Advance the business customer product to enable instant booking and management of thousands of cars and services in any given day.

Our development stack

    • Ruby on Rails for back end.
    • PostgreSQL DB, with Redis for in-memory caching.
    • React for front end.
    • Swift for iOS app.
    • Java for Android app.
    • Redshift + Ruby on Rails for Analytics infrastructure pipeline.
    • Special purpose modules in NodeJS, GoLang and Java/Tomcat.

What we're looking for

    • Someone who is an overall good problem solver, and not necessarily a “pro” in any specific language or framework or software development technique.
    • Someone who is open and eager to learn new technology rather than being intimidated by it. Someone who is not married to ‘traditional’ or ‘orthodox’ software development methodology.
    • Someone who is willing to work on any part of the product, from the web app to mobile apps to data processing for analytics, etc.
    • Someone who is detail oriented and mindful of the entire code base. This means doing your own thorough testing to ensure the code base is always in a healthy state. We don’t do extensive code reviews, and therefore place full responsibility on the individual dev team members.


    • Competitive salary plus equity
    • Excellent medical and dental insurance
    • Unlimited vacation days and 7 paid holidays
    • Daily lunch program & ample stock of snacks and beverages
    • Car maintenance discount
    • Awesome teammates!
We offer competitive pay / equity / benefits and other perks. Beyond that, we offer an opportunity to build something meaningful. Your work will redefine a massive industry ($220B a year), which is begging for disruption. You will empower thousands of mechanics to live a better life. We’re growing fast and offering the opportunity to build something that really matters and leave a legacy.
YourMechanic is backed by top tier investors like Andreessen Horowitz & Softbank.