Data Engineer

VDO.AI – Engineering
Full Time
We are looking for Data Engineers to work on our Advertising Platform, working with over 800+ websites, streaming over 2 petabytes of video content and serving over 3 billion ads every month. We are organized in agile and autonomous features team and we also share technical knowledge within several communities of practices.

Our main engineering challenge

    • We work in a very high traffic environment with low latencies constraints
    • Web and mobile complexity, we are trying to offer a similar user experience on a wide range of contexts (device, OS, browser, etc.)
    • An infinite source of Machine Learning use cases, ranging from ad performance prediction to ad delivery pacing and forecasting
    • Large datasets that we need to compute in near real-time (auction resolution) and even greater volumes for analytics use cases
    • We operate globally and constantly think about new products to build the future of the media


    • Propose new ways to scale our platform to crawl hundreds of gigabytes of data daily
    • Develop high-performance code to provide live statistics and reports, answering year-wide queries in seconds
    • Work together with the technology team to identify and log critical business events in the most scalable manner.
    • Research new technologies to empower our clients to request just about anything about their business, and still answer in seconds


    • Good programming abilities. Testing your development is second nature to you, and you are very mindful about your application architecture, performance and maintainability, and its overall quality.
    • Proven experience in developing and operating ETL workloads at scale
    • An appetite for Data Engineering Strong problem-solving skills
    • Strong communication skills both written and oral, and a great team spirit

Good to have

    • Large-scale distributed systems, service-oriented architecture
    • Previous experience with data Stack elements like Scala, Kafka, Spark, Dataflow, BigQuery, Redshift
    • Experience in the caching system (in memory, distributed)Knowledge of the JVM (GC, Concurrency...)
    • Experience in high performance and/or low latency system
    • MySQL and NoSQL data stores 


    • 2 - 5 years


    • 8 - 12 LPA
About VDO.AI

Video is becoming the dominant form of content consumption on the internet and our platform helps publishers transition to the future. Our proprietary technology platform provides the video player, video streaming, video content and video advertising in an end to end offering to some of the biggest publishers on the internet. Our aim is to integrate the best advertisers with qualified publishers, to enable a high-value video advertising ecosystem to thrive. Within a short span of 2 years, we are working with over 800+ websites, streaming over 2 petabytes of video content and serving over 3 billion ads every month.