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Zenly was created because we wanted an easy way to know what our friends were doing. Naturally we created an app - a map that lets you see your friends and what they’re up to.

Millions of people around the world have since made us realize that Zenly goes beyond letting you know what your friends are doing. It actually brings you to spend more time with the people who matter most and moves you a little closer to them even when you can’t.

We’re a small team of <60 passionate people determined to offer an alternative to products that were meant to connect us but only alienated us. An alternative that represents a true reflection of your world and those you care most about.

Try it out with your people on Apple Store OR Google Play Store. 🤪

🤓What's the role about?

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) sits at the crossroad of Zenly’s engineering, being responsible for the performances of the backend of the company, present and future.
We have a strong opinion about the way we want our backend teams to work, and it’s always with the support of SREs, from the start of a feature or for the design of a backend platform piece of software.
They provide support with tooling for developers, but also mentoring and helping design features that will scale for millions of users.

👀 What it means to be an SRE at Zenly:

    • Being part of the cornerstone team helping everyone to bring code in production.
    • We focus on performance and reliability, our traffic is live and our latency is the most important metric we need to watch.
    • Automation is key as it is for most of our industry, if you need to repeat a task, automate it; for everything.
    • Code, being SRE at Zenly means being a Software Engineer.

🤗 What is an SRE doing at Zenly?

    • Working to eradicate every manual steps we have left, automate everything from the ground up, and make it as quick as possible
    • Imagine, code and bring to production new concepts, new tools to help the company grow faster, either by helping software engineers or by gaining visibility and ease of use of our platform.
    • The perimeter of our job is large, so must be our competencies. Learning is a huge part of what we do and evolving is key to keep our infrastructure stable and efficient under load.
    • Partnering with software engineers is not a concept or part of a process, it’s our daily life making us part of the engineering team as much as any other.
    • Location is hard; performance is critical in our systems and we’re at the front row to deal with it. Coupled with developers, we tackle hard challenge to keep everything fast while trying to gain knowledge at every stage.
    • Working with our partners (GCP, ScyllaDB …) to help us push their products to the limit.

🚀 Some examples of projects you'll contribute to:

    • Automated Kubernetes Pod Autoscaler to achieve a close to 90% cpu usage per machine while maintaining a high-level of quality services while containing costs.  
    • Testing, scaling, designing high throughput monitoring infrastructure to handle 1M+ series per second.
    • Build a fully automated monitoring pipeline from infrastructure to company wide standards.
    • Designing and maintaining distributed databases at large scale across multiple clusters (ScyllaDB).
    • Building CI/CD pipelines that correspond to the vision we have about the subject, bringing powerful ideas to life.
    • Investigating performance issues around containers, distributed systems or large messages queues.
    • Automating everything from monitoring dashboards to database installations or Kafka cluster management.

🌟What type of experience matters for the job:

    • Experience working in early stage startups.
    • Experience in Cloud Infrastructure (AWS or GCP) as opposed to Bare metal.
    • Experience with Kubernetes in production.
    • Experience operating Distributed Systems Databases in production at scale (Cassandra or any other distributed database)
    • Experience with fast-paced changing infrastructure
    • Working alongside software engineers to investigate critical issues

😎What to expect:

    • Have direct impact, in days, on the company growth
    • Be part of a company with ethics, work alongside smart people
    • Build a product that brings people closer to their friends and family

👋Wait! there is more?

We take great pride in our spacious, fun and light-filled office in the Bastille area of Paris. We want to make everyone at Zenly as comfortable as possible, here’s an overview of what an offer at Zenly comes with:

• Compensation:
- Competitive compensation, including RSUs for every permanent employee (this means free Snap shares)
- Relocation and visa procedures support. We cover all expenses associated with the move and obtaining your visa (if applicable). We’ll even help you find somewhere to call home in Paris
- Lots of vacation: between 30 and 35 paid days off not including bank holidays 
- Allowance boost: in addition to your base salary, we offer a monthly international phone allowance (€95), a monthly well-being allowance (€75), and a monthly lunch allowance (€352)
- 100% reimbursement of your public transportation subscription

• Learning:
- Everything you need to grow in your role and accelerate your learning and development: from the millions of books in our office, to online courses, to coaching. The list is always growing and you can help shape it.
- Language classes (Japanese, French, and English)

• Health & Wellness:
- 100% coverage of your health insurance for you and your partner
- In addition to the best healthcare system in the world, we offer additional medical, dental and optical insurance for you and your family
- Weekly yoga and meditation classes (in the office or via Zoom)
- Parental leave: between 16 and 26 weeks for new parents (including adoption)
- Nursery/Day Care support. For a smooth transition upon returning to work after your parental leave, we’ve partnered with a nursery/day care organisation to ensure a spot for Zenly parents during the year

• Office:
- Rest and fun areas: chill zone, ping pong table, climbing wall, green atrium, LOTS of natural light
- Pet-friendly office 🐕
- Free drinks and snacks of all kinds (homemade pastry, bread, fruit, etc.) everyday :)

• Fun: regular drinks, and trips abroad every year with the whole team (French Alps, Sicily, Majorca, Marrakesh)

PS: We are more interested in your experiences, past and current projects than your résumé.
We’d rather hear about those and what you think you’ll bring to the team 🙌