Sales Development Representative (retired 2/4/2018)

Columbia, MD
Sales & Marketing
Zentail is the fastest growing multichannel ecommerce platform in the United States. Zentail's web-based software makes it easy for retailers and brands to manage listings, inventory, orders and fulfillment on major online sales channels including Amazon, Google, Walmart, Jet, eBay, Shopify and BigCommerce.

As a Sales Development Representative, you will work on a fast-growing team lead by our founders. Your responsibilities include:

- identifying and qualifying prospects, reaching out and scheduling demos.
- following up with and closing prospects.
- handing off new customers to our onboarding team.
- utilizing ZenProspect and Salesforce.
- continuously optimizing your sales process and workflow and sharing your best practices with other members of the team.

Within 3 months, you will be expected to be able to close a minimum of 5 new accounts per month.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be in the position we are currently in with a fast-growing, diverse and talented team and industry-leading product offering. This makes your job of selling a lot easier. Feel free to learn more at


    • we're a diverse team with complimentary talents.
    • we always have fun even when times are tough.
    • we care deeply about each other's success.
    • we empower growth through autonomy.
    • our software platform is best-in-class.
    • our pace of growth and innovation is unrivaled.
    • our standard for customer service leads our industry.
    • we're aggressively expanding our business to support and fuel the growth of the retailers and brands who use our software.


    • You will be responsible for deeply understanding our software and the needs of our prospective customers.
    • You will be responsible for making prospective customers feel comfortable with and excited to run their business on our software platform.
    • You will be responsible for doggedly following up, building trust and confidently asking for the sale.
    • In an effort to continuously improve our process and platform, you will be responsible for clearly and concisely relaying your experiences and prospect feedback with members of our operations and technical teams.


    • organized.
    • driven, competitive, relentless, undeterred by rejection and failure.
    • friendly, empathetic, enthusiastic, confident and courteous.
    • resourceful and solution-oriented with strong problem solving ability.
    • able to communicate clearly and confidently (written, oral).
    • consistent, willing to go the extra mile.
    • constantly learning, highly competitive and determined to win and improve.


    • $45,000 base salary
    • competitive commission structure
    • $75,000 to $100,000 year 1 on-track earnings
    • $100,000 to $225,000 year 2+ on-track earnings
    • stock options
    • full health benefits (medical, dental, vision)


    • Average annual online revenue $10M.
    • Currently selling on as a 3rd party marketplace seller.
    • Interested in or already selling on, and eBay (3rd party marketplaces).
    • May or may not be selling on their own branded webstore (i.e. Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento).
    • Overly reliant on Amazon, actively trying to diversify sales mix.
    • Shipping order from their own warehouse or from Amazon FBA.


    • $5M to $50M annual revenue
    • 30% Gross Margins
    • Durable competitive advantage -- i.e. economies of scale, brand ownership or exclusivity
    • 90%+ of orders are fulfilled from own warehouse or 3rd party logistics provider.
If you're not comfortable with rejection and able to overcome setbacks, this job is not for you. If you not good at developing and maintaining relationships, this job is not for you. If you're not self-motivated, competitive, and constantly trying to get better, this job is not for you.

During your first 2-4 weeks, you will spend at least 50% of your time working with our customer success team, interacting with our customers and learning our software. You will be mentored by a senior member of the sales team and frequently interact with our CEO and President. You will shadow a minimum of 2 inside sales calls per day and start reaching out to prospective clients within your first 2 weeks. You will participate in weekly sales meetings and organized sales trainings. You will be expected to study our industry and platform. You will be encouraged to offer your feedback to help improve our existing sales process.

6750 Alexander Bell Dr, Suite 420, Columbia, MD 21046