Sr Dev Ops Engineer

Louisville, Colorado
Full Time
Great engineers have the intuition to successfully execute on a long-term vision with short term deliverables that are at once elegant and pragmatic. Our solutions have to withstand the tests of time and be flexible enough to continue to evolve. The culture of our team informs how we approach product, process and people:

The Importance of Product
ship fast, ship right: the minimum viable change is our mantra
deliver features for real-world use and pay attention to the results
iterate with small improvements to delight our users

The Importance of Process
stay lean and pragmatic: automate, script, orchestrate - but only as much as is needed
the team owns the process: all members contribute to the continued refinement of our
the process itself is a work in progress: continually iterated upon to adjust to changes in the landscape

The Importance of Team
we trust in each other to do their best
no blockers: unblocking someone else will almost always take priority over your own work

zingfit is seeking a DevOps Engineer highly proficient in Linux system administration as well as AWS administration. Our infrastructure includes customer-facing containerized applications, RDS-managed PostgreSQL databases and standalone, internal Debian servers managed by Ansible. Our application stack runs on Java, ColdFusion, and Node.js/Vue.js


    • Experience building, using and deploying Docker container images as part of a Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment solution
    • Experience with monitoring, metrics and logging infrastructure (e.g. Prometheus, Logstash/Kibana, etc.)
    • Comfort with configuration management and orchestration tools (e.g. experience with Ansible or Salt)
    • Comfort with shell and at least one language used in a DevOps context (e.g. Python, Go, etc.)
    • Experience leading complex technical changes from start to completion, including collaboration with other teams, and documentation through architecture diagrams and specifications


    • In this role, you will work with Developers and other DevOps members to implement changes to our infrastructure in service of zingfit's mission to our customers.
    • Accelerate our fellow developer delivery pipelines with Continuous Integration/Delivery
    • Automate as much infrastructure as possible.
    • Keep documentation relevant and useful.
    • Keep our infrastructure reproducible with infrastructure-as-code
    • Maintain/Monitor our applications so we can act quickly when an incident occurs
    • Join our on-call rotation.
    • Keep our services compliant with regulations (e.g. GDPR)

What you'll be working on:

    • Cross-team feature development to empower our development team with the infra changes they need.
    • Maintaining/extending local development environments
    • Helping developers deal with the inevitable tricky Git situations
    • Keeping an eye on dependency bloat
    • Building/maintaining lean container images
    • Work with upstream FOSS projects when issues arise
    • Implement necessary changes with useful languages such as POSIX shell/BASH and Python
    • Internal Ops improvements
    • Typical resource work on EC2, S3, RDS, etc.
    • Manage container services and deployment: ECS, Amazon Linux, and deployment strategies
    • Performance optimization and measurements
    • Lambda functionality (when it fits an appropriate use-case)
    • Writing IAM policies
    • Cost management and optimization
    • Infrastructure-as-code for AWS using Ansible
    • Writing Python/Boto utilities when necessary
    • Routine server maintenance with Ansible playbooks
    • ECS AMI creation via Packer and Ansible
    • New feature/infra documentation: Make sure your teammates can learn about your work!
    • Disaster recovery planning and testing
    • Backup strategies and testing

Why zingfit
Great location, in the Colorado Technology Center in Louisville, close to Denver and Boulder
A team of people who are truly passionate about the SaaS product we provide to our clients
Culture of integrity, collaboration, health and mindfulness 
Freshly funded startup that is growing and eager to find teammates excited to grow their career with us

Salary and Benefits:
Competitive salary commensurate with experience
Comprehensive health, dental and vision benefits 
Disability and life insurance covered 100% by zingfit
401k Plan with matching company contributions
Flex PTO
Free snacks and coffee, including an in-house espresso machine
Free in-office chair massages
Wellness stipend