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About the role

Zipline is actively seeking a passionate finance all-rounder to take our accounting function in-house and help scale our growth into the future. This role will require you to be hands-on with great attention to detail in ensuring our finance and accounting processes are followed and you will be expected to actively contribute your experience in letting us know how we can do better. This will be the second internal hire in the finance team and we are looking for someone ambitious as there will be a rapid progression as the business grows.

The position is full-time and the salary will be dependent on experience.


    • You'll be working on our accounts payable and accounts receivable processes including making sure timely vendor payments are made, ensuring billing and invoicing go out and the data hygiene of our finance software stack.
    • You'll work closely as part of a tight-knit team on closing the monthly financials and ensuring their integrity and accuracy in preparation for tax reporting (GST, PAYG, BAS Etc).
    • Maintaining our accounting playbook. You'll help keep our procedural documentation and accounting policies updated for any relevant changes.
    • Getting involved with and supporting high-impact finance initiatives. You'll have the opportunity to be involved in financial accounting projects as and when they come up (e.g. external audits, technical accounting assessments).
    • Anything else that comes our way! We're a high growth startup and there may be additional opportunities to roll up sleeves and work on other key business initiatives (e.g. budgets/forecasting, R&D tax incentive claims), especially whilst we continue to build out our Finance teams.

About you:

    • Working experience with finance systems and tooling.
    • You'll have a working knowledge of core accounting systems such as Xero and good proficiency in the use of general tooling including MS Excel and Google Suite.
    • Great communicator. Being able to break down and communicate accounting concepts to non-financial stakeholders and actively listening and engaging our staff who interact with our accounting processes. Incredible attention to detail.
    • Financial accuracy is incredibly important, so you'll need to be thorough and precise when reviewing records or high volume transactions and preparing information for internal and external stakeholders.
    • Not afraid to challenge the status quo. You'll feel comfortable in unpacking our ways of working and challenging the status quo with a continuous improvement mindset.
    • Dynamic and flexible. You'll thrive in a fast-paced environment and you'll be able to work towards deadlines but also re-prioritize depending on changing needs.

Your experience & competencies:

    • Relevant Bachelor’s degree
    • Extremely organised
    • Outstanding writing, communication and presentation skills
    • Ability to take complex topics and communicate them clearly & succinctly
    • Approach work with high energy, drive and internal motivation
    • Exhibit adaptability, resilience, transparency, trustworthiness, passion and innate curiosity
    • Min 1-2 years prior experience in Bookkeeping/Accounting or similar work experience

Success in the role means:

    • Ensuring Accounts Receivable has a low amount of turnover days and collections happen in a timely manner.
    • Ensuring Billing is responsive and goes out in a timely manner.
    • Ensuring Accounts Payable is maintained and processes are followed.
    • Ensuring Employee Expenses and policies are adhered to.
    • Ensuring Month-End is completed in time for investor reporting.

About Zipline

    • Zipline is all about helping companies improve their customer experience and automate their in-person visitor and staff compliance requirements.
    • We work with great organisations like Adidas, 7Eleven, Coles as well as leading Aged Care and HealthCare organisations such as St Vincents, Regis & Estia.
    • We’ve grown from about 20 to 60 people in the last 12months and would love to explore having you join us for our next chapter as we continue scaling.
How we work:

Core Values
We have strong core values that we strictly hire towards, so if these resonate, we want to hear from you!

Customer Centricity is #1
Think in (customer) outcomes, not outputs, eg. impact, not (how much) output we do. Care deeply about our users and look for ways to delight them

Pumped about hitting BIG goals as part of a high performing team and highly driven to accelerate our own personal growth & careers

Growth mindset
We are learning machines; curious & open-minded. We take on 'radical ownership'  e.g. “What could I have done differently/better?”

Awesome to work with
A ‘can do’ attitude… you constantly hear; "how can I help"Pragmatic & humble - hence no arseholes here... oh and we’re fun to work with!

No mind-reading required
We speak up & share what's on our mind (verbal &/or written - inc. w/ anonymous options)We believe in and practice ‘radical candour’. Invest in creating psychologically safe spaces. There’s no politics, no games here. People know what's going on & where they stand

KISS: Keep it simple
We obsess over making things easy. We have a mantra of simplicity, which includes “improve, don’t invent”. No jargon, simple English.

Core Competencies of the team

Managing ones work
They show up and deliver what they said they'd do. They're organised & manage their day & priorities wisely. They can confidently push back (no matter how senior the person is asking for it) or recommend changing scope if it's a workload they can't fully take on.

Managing oneself
They do this by; 1. "Knowing themselves" - having self-awareness of what they're good/and not as good at. 2. "Growing themself" - pursuing paths of personal growth. 3. "Sharing themself" - developing others & 4. "Taking care of themself" - managing their physical+emotional welfare

Adaptable to change
Comfortable with uncertainty, change & ambiguity. Easily adapts their approach (e.g. levels of fidelity) to match the situation vs using mainly one mode of work. Approaches unfamiliar situations with courage and forethought, comfortable in taking risks (small to large) to explore new ideas & strategies.

Cares about others. Has an accurate understanding of the feelings and needs of others; what they care about & what they're trying to get done. Has strong active listening skills. Seeks to first understand others point of view.

Radically Open-Minded
They act as an inquirer, not a prosecutor or preacher. They look for choices & ways of viewing things that they may not initially see. They're able to analyse different pov in order to optimise for the right decision. They check for blind spots & ensure their ego/unhelpful emotions don't get in the way 

Actively seeks feedback from others and when feedback is given, they absorb it with curiosity - they are not defensive & they don't rationalise their mistakes or blame others. They use feedback to create an improvement plan where others confirm they can see their progress!

Takes Ownership
Strong bias to 'extreme ownership', comfortable in saying "<this> was my fault, I own that". They don't complain about challenges or setbacks, they focus on what they can control & develop plans to solve. They act with a spirit of "What could I do differently / what can I now do better?"

Takes Initiative
Proactive in speaking up about gaps, risks or opportunities re: their own goals, or the goals of their team or company. Doesn't wait to be asked. Is on the front foot to ensure the right things are getting done & if required, is comfortable in taking charge & does it with a spirit of humility & inclusiveness.

Works well in a team supporting the team's goals vs operating as a lone wolf. Often asks "how can I help?". Understands and uses RACI. Proactively sets expectations with others and provides clear updates on the way, esp. when the delivery of their work is at risk or changes.

Impactful Communicator
They confidently express their thoughts in different modes (both written & verbal, prepared & in-the-moment). They're able to quickly understand complex topics/situations and then communicate those concepts in a clear & easy to understand manner (e.g. passes the 'don't make me think' test)

Complex problem-solver
Is able to reason to the 'root cause' of issues using first principles and critical thinking. Is also able to recommend a plan and help drive implementation of that plan.

Focused on company outcomes
Thinks & acts to the bigger picture; “What can I contribute that will significantly affect the performance and the results of the company?”