.NET Engineer - Advanced

Louisville, KY
Founded in 1999, ZirMed is the nation’s only company delivering proven end-to-end cloud-based business and clinical performance management solutions to meet the challenges of managing population health and optimizing fee-for-service and fee-for-value reimbursements. ZirMed combines innovative software development with the industry’s most advanced transactional network and predictive analytics platform to improve the business and process of healthcare, give organizations a clearer view of their financial and operational performance, and streamline critical connections between providers, patients, and payers.

We're always improving, always testing, always changing, and there's never a dull moment. In the rapidly changing world of healthcare technology, we stay ahead of the curve.

What is the purpose of this position?

Right now, we are looking for an outstanding, brilliant, and driven .Net Engineer - Advanced to join our outstanding team. While our Engineers are involved in multiple things throughout the IT team, primarily they are responsible for working with the Technology and the Business teams to design, build, and implement amazing web and process applications. This person also will be charged with assisting the customer support department to resolve issues relating to production processes. The .Net Engineer - Advanced also assists in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues.

Looking for some details?

    • Proposes technical solutions to Engineering Development Manager
    • Responsible for developing/augmenting applications based on functional and technical specifications.
    • Design/Develop/Test/Implement improvements or new features to the ZirMed web site application and core processing applications.
    • Responsible for documenting and maintaining ZirMed coding standards and approved technologies
    • Assists in the creation and/or approving Technical Specifications
    • Assists in identifying areas in the application that need to be refactored
    • Work with the various departments and team members to design and/or implement various new enhancements to the existing web application. This includes, but is not limited to, SQL table design, SQL stored procedure design, and process design in the designated programming language. 
    • Test all changes on development and then work with the appropriate business and/or technology owner(s) to ensure development meets business requirements. 
    • Track any changes required by such development using internal tools and communicate to the QA Manager and Push Team any abnormalities required to push the changes from development through the various stages to production.
    • Communicate development progress daily using an internal project tracking tool
    • Assist in the QA process.
    • Participate as required on Production Code Turn days. 
    • Develop and maintain an open and fluid communication with management.
    • Identify and inform the development manager of areas of the application that require new or improved technology solutions.
    • Notify the development manager of any problems that negatively impact applications and work to implement a solution.
    • Attend to any work items assigned through the internal case system in a timely fashion.
    • Communicate and work with the development manager to reassign any items that can not be addressed in a timely fashion.
    • Provide estimates for project tasks using an internal project tool, and update the estimates if they increase or decrease.
    • Develop and maintain a positive relationship with other team members.

Do you fit our team?

    • 4 years minimum of .NET experience
    • 3 years minimum of SQL experience 
    • Unit Testing
    • N-Tier development experience
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to work in a very fast paced environment & welcome change
    • Highly self-motivated
    • Ability to work both in team and solo environments