Reliability Test Technician

Fremont, CA
Vehicle Development – Vehicle Integration Engineering
This position is within the vehicle reliability team, supporting electrical and mechanical reliability testing. The role requires exceptional communication skills in order to work with various teams and streamline the flow of parts into various reliability tests. 


    • Utilize various test resources (thermal shock chamber, temperature and humidity chamber, salt fog chamber, vibration table, etc.) in order to set up, run and monitor several series of electrical and mechanical reliability tests.
    • Provide clear and concise documentation related to tests, including reports on parts under test and their status. Capture identified failures in detail and work with engineering to facilitate resolution.
    • Assist in pre-inspection and post-test inspection of test articles.
    • Assist in the facilitation of the failure analysis process by providing detailed information surrounding failures in test articles.
    • Work with various design teams to schedule the flow of new parts into testing.
    • Troubleshoot and debug issues with test equipment. Coordinate with equipment vendors for maintenance and repair.
    • Maintain stock of supplies to support a lean and streamlined test environment.
    • Maintain and expand a clean, safe and organized working environment. Apply workplace organization concepts and methods to improve efficiency, such as 5S. 


    • Associate Degree in electronics/ electrics or similar discipline preferred.
    • Experience with Labview, Digital and Analog interfaces for PCs, Test systems, etc.
    • Basic understanding of electrical and electronic circuits and components.
    • Knowledge of vehicle electrical and mechanical systems.
    • Experience with network protocols is a plus: CAN, LIN, I2C, Ethernet, etc.
    • Experience working with high voltage products is a plus Skilled in using volt meters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, programmable power suppliers.
    • Soldering and electronics fabrication skills.
    • Mechanical fabrication skills.
    • Strong sense of quality and craft in work.
    • Ability to read and create mechanical drawings and schematics.