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Core Services Tribe – Authentication Squad
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Our Story
We’re empowering people to FeelGood about their money.
We’re been on this journey since 2004, when we built the first ever peer-to-peer lending company to give people access to simpler, better-value loans and investments. When it comes to money, we think everyone deserves a fair deal, so since we launched, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of customers to take the stress out of money by building our business on honesty, transparency and trust.
Our journey’s always evolving and we’re now launching a bank. But a different type of bank – one that empowers its customers to take control of their finances and FeelGood about their money.

If you embrace being challenged beyond the norm, aren’t afraid to think differently and are motivated by working somewhere you can really make an impact, you’ll love life here at Zopa.

What’s Core Services? 
At Zopa, the Core Services tribe is responsible for building critical pieces of our technology platform. As Zopa increases its range of consumer products, there are some things that make more sense to build once, which all our consumer product teams can use. 
We cover a broad range of domains. To highlight a few: we ensure all products can record financial transactions in a consistent way so the whole financial operation of the bank can hum sweetly; we make it easy for teams to access a range of payment services; we obsess over how to use the best technology out there so customers can get access our products quickly and painlessly. 
What do Product Managers do in Core Services? 
Our product managers are responsible for orchestrating cross-functional teams to develop and maintain those services. That means making sure we can articulate our ambitions and turn them into short and long-term goals, we have great delivery practices, and we can measure what value we bring to the business. 
Over and above that, there are some aspirations we particularly care about, and our product managers make sure we hold ourselves to those aspirations: 
We want the teams who rely on us to feel our services are incredibly dependable and easy to use 
We’re sensitive to different audiences who care about what we build, the end customer, the product team who wants to interface with us, people who are responsible for our regulatory conduct and our award-winning teams that look after our customers
We deal with customers’ money, so we take our responsibilities seriously and really value the importance of spending time to focus on the quality of our services, as well as preparing for what can go wrong operationally

About you:

    • You're a customer champion, great at building formidable working partnerships with product and technical leads to deliver best-in-class service
    • You have built credibility, trust and respect in a team of varied discipline 
    • A great "player coach"; you help your team to be efficient, productive, happy in their work and motivated 
    • You are comfortable understanding technical concepts and can communicate them effectively at all levels 
    • You see challenges as interesting and are great at solving problems in a structured, organised way
    • You prioritise based on the value added to your customers, making the decision factors measurable and clear

Additional bonus points for:

    • You are familiar with some key concepts, such as authentication versus authorisation, single- versus multi-factor authentication, as well as commonly used frameworks like OAuth2 and OpenID Connect
    • Experience in a technical role with software development background

To thrive here, you’ll need to:
Champion our customers. Whatever your role, you’ll be close to our customers. We care passionately about doing the best for them.
Help us make fearless choices. Our environment is fast-paced, agile and open. You’ll solve interesting and challenging problems, and be trusted and empowered to bring your ideas to life.
Walk the talk. Like us, you’ll be honest, stick to your promises and face the tough moments head-on.
Win smarter. You’ll be always on the lookout for a better way of doing things, going beyond ‘good enough’ and welcoming different points of view.
Be in it together. You’ll join an ambitious, diverse and all-round approachable team with a mix of ideas and talents who inspire each other to be better every day.

Zopa is proud to offer a workplace free from discrimination. Diversity of experience, perspectives, and backgrounds leads to great products and unique company culture. We simply can’t expect to empower our customers to better manage their money without challenging the current status quo. Creating the best place for money is no easy task, which is why we need talent from all walks of life.