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Zuru Tech is redefining construction. We believe that the future of housing will be defined by the automation of the construction industry. Today, Zuru Tech is actively developing the technologies to make this possible, with the goal of automation for housing production worldwide while still having design freedom .
We are looking for a high-performing Senior Structural Engineer to work on this product set. Our goal is to build our NZ engineering hub by attracting the best talent in NZ. This is a great chance to join a highly innovative, well-funded and fast-paced team at an early stage of the project. It’s the best parts of being in a startup, with fewer constraints and a nice office! 
To give you a taste of things we are working on,] we are developing our own Structural Analysis Software, our own CAD / BIM Software and we are creating our own unique building systems in Steel, RC and other materials. We have no shortage of interesting challenges that require innovative solutions and leadership to overcome.
If you are a talented, creative, and driven structural engineer with a proven track record in solving challenging problems then have a look below.     

Duties & Responsibilities

    • Develop the design requirements for key structural components and collaborate with product design engineers on them.
    • Analyses of structural components in detail and provide feedback on new product design to develop innovative, efficient, and safe solutions that meet performance requirements.
    • Decipher structural codes such as ASCE, ACI, Eurocode and apply these to the development of structural products.
    • Prepare benchmark modules and templates for testing and analysis and review results from the testing such as push over tests.
    • Provide strong technical leadership with a focus on continuous improvement.
    • Work with a variety of different specialists and experts to bring systems together.

Skills & Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.
    • 6+ years min of hands-on experience in reinforced concrete and steel framing designs.
    • Strong understanding of structural mechanics, with the ability to be able to design structural elements from first principles. Not reliant on software to produce structural designs. 
    • Background knowledge of commonly used structural analysis and design software solutions e.g. RamConcept, SpaceGass, Etabs.

Additional Skills or Experience.

    • Hands-on experience of using international standards e.g. ACI, EuroCode, ASCE.
    • 10+ years of hands-on experience in reinforced concrete and Steel framing designs.
    • Knowledge and experience with structural simulation software solutions e.g. Ansys, ABAQUS, DIANA FEA.
    • Sound knowledge in finite element analysis methods, including nonlinear analysis.
    • Are driven to help solve the housing crisis around the world sustainably.
ZURU is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative toys and FMCG products. Originally inspired by kids and imaginative play, ZURU is known for its agility, creativity, and new-age manufacturing techniques. The company now has 18 offices globally, with a team of passionate and driven individuals based in the Auckland office in New Zealand.

ZURU Tech is completely changing the way buildings are designed and built. We are disrupting the building industry with a skilled international team, collaborating to create a seamless design to construction experience with our in-house software through to automated fabrication. In addition, our engineering teams are also providing solutions and ensuring innovation across wider ZURU group (Toys/Edge/Tech).