Replenishment Analyst – North America & Mexico

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On a mission to build the brands of tomorrow, ZURU Edge is here to change everything you thought you knew about fast moving consumer goods. Making a huge impact with new generation brands like MONDAY Haircare, Rascal + Friends diapers, Dose & Co ingestible beauty, NOOD pet food and more, ZURU Edge is creating a new status quo—and we’re looking for the best of the best to join us as we design the new global norm.

ZURU Edge is now on the look out for a Replenishment Analyst who would manage the flow of products from warehouse to retail stores and ensuring that shelves are stocked with the right items at the right time.

Role Purpose:
As a replenishment Analyst for ZURU EDGE, you will be responsible for the customer supply chain coordination with key customers in the North America and Mexico. You will lead and execute the Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) function and be the bridge between the customer, sales and demand/supply planning. You will manage the customer replenishment through order management, logistics coordination, and monitoring of production/import demand.You will be an important contributor within ZURU EDGE, collaborating with other team members across the business, operations, and supply chain functions.


    • Experience: 4+ years of replenishment experience with major US retailer(s) such as Target, with supplier side experience is required. Experience with both import and domestic programs is also preferred as ZURU is a hybrid company.
    • Technical Skills: Familiarity with retail replenishment systems is preferred. Excel excellence is a must. Experience in powerpoint with building slides to present data is a preferred skill. 
    • Outstanding communicator:​ Synthesizes the most complex problems into clear ideas and tailor messages and communicate clearly to diverse audiences. Ability to build rapport and nurture relationships to build reputation and credibility.
    • Creative problem solver:​ Can develop creative solutions to complex problems, and help the team overcome their most challenging roadblocks.
    • Strong Decision-Maker: ​Mixes analytical perspective, customer understanding and intuition to make hard decisions in the face of ambiguity. Clearly explains and contextualizes decisions so that people understand them and can learn from them.
    • Exceptional cross-functional collaborator: ​Enjoys building relationships with diverse people in an organization with different experience and expertise. Holds themselves and the team accountable to deliver successful outcomes and drive the business forward. Goes beyond learning about their worlds, what’s important to them and creates new and more efficient and impactful ways to partner to push their business and the function forward.
    • Results oriented:​ Sets clear, and ambitious goals, and holds themself and the team to the highest standard to achieve those goals. Able to distill complex facts into clear strategy and recommendations. Proven track record of building a high growth commercial roadmap and growth mindset.

Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Establish and execute the Customer Replenishment function within ZURU EDGE by focusing on the following objectives: 
    • Develop, forecast and execute replenishment plans with key customers in North America and Mexico.
    • Determine and implement replenishment strategies to ensure >97% instock rate.
    • Manage customer supply chain organization, including CPFR directly with strategic customers, order management, and logistics/transportation coordination.
    • Lead strategic and business planning meetings with customers from a replenishment and supply chain perspective
    • Identify and implement strategies that produce cost efficiencies from an inventory and logistics perspective.
    • Establish Customer Supply Chain accountability and role within overall S&OP process, implementing forecasting assistance to Sales team through CPFR data capabilities
    • Own enterprise budget for Customer Allowances, with goal of reducing customer fines related to supply chain exceptions
    • Implement impactful and actionable internal reporting on customer metrics such as On Time, In Full, and Forecast Variance
    • Liaise with the wider ZURU Edge regional sales team on the operational strategy for new and existing products and provide guidance on new product timelines and anticipated budgets.
    • Provide management and supply chain team with accurate sales forecasts and detailed assessment of the factors influencing sales.
    • Collaborate closely with all functions of the business including Merchandising, Planning, Customization and Finance.
About ZURU

ZURU is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative toys. Inspired by kids and imaginative play, ZURU is one of the fastest-growing toy companies and is known for its agility, creativity, and new-age manufacturing techniques. The company now has 18 offices globally, with presence across US, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

On the back of this success, ZURU has since started leveraging its core competencies in innovation and speed-to-market manufacturing in the Consumer-Packaged-Goods (CPG) space. This has led to the establishment of ZURU Edge, with our mission being to create purpose-driven brands that are relevant to the new millennial and generation Z customers, using highly targeted social & digital advertising with big data.

So if you’ve read this far hopefully you’re excited and you’ve already looked up our Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Visit our page @lifeatzuru on Instagram to learn more about our culture.