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You’re leaving New Zealand because you want to make an impact on how the world does things?

You're spending hours and hours preparing applications sending for Tesla, Space X because you want to work in a “hardcore” engineering environment that changes the world?

How about you could just walk to your office in Auckland, Freemans Bay and play an integral part in revolutionising the global prefab housing industry... According to the idea from New Zealand to the world, you will work in an international team consisting of software, mechanical, production and housing experts. Our team and experts are based in Italy, India, China, the USA and New Zealand. You love travelling? Great, but not a must… 
You will join our NZ team of product development engineers and housing industry experts (7 at this point), and you will take ownership of project critical mechanical engineering and product development challenges.

*** How to develop an HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical click-and-play approach feasibly for 2 story residential up to 60 story commercial buildings?

*** What could next-generation windows and closing systems look like?

*** All about smart home, ACC concrete and light/heavyweight steal. 

Oh, you think this sounds tricky and like hard work? You might be right but it is also a great chance if you want to broaden your horizon. You can't find the solutions in books for the majority of the specific problems you are going to face. And there are plenty. It's up to you and the team to think out of the box, be innovative, and collaborate/discuss to come up with ground-breaking ideas.

In case you want to know the scope of our project…

We are creating the world's first building information modelling application that is fully connected to an Industry 4.0 capable factory to manufacture any building. Our ¼ scale test production line proved it's feasibility over the last five years. Now the project is in the phase where we run already full-size tests. Don’t be worry still a lot of areas where you can make a difference… 

You are...

First and foremost, you are an engineer by heart. Yes, we love to hear about your garage projects. That's non-negotiable. You have a strong passion for product development and you have a mechanical engineering background. Solidworks should be your go-to tool, but all the others are also fine. You have already specific projects under your belt and have proved your skills for about +5 years. If you enjoy debating for hours and hours … and hours problems, solutions and methodologies you are going to love it!

What next?

Just simply apply. You can also look me up on LinkedIn (Felix Rothas) and send a message. Happy to arrange an informal chat.