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Want to join the company that Conde Nast Traveler called "The Future of Travel Photography"? Flytographer is always looking for experienced professional photographers to join our team!

**Hiring is dependant on if we are recruiting in your city AND your portfolio is a style match for our brand.**

We welcome applications from everywhere. We are adding new cities every month, so even if we haven't launched in your city yet, we may be soon! All applications are kept on file for 12 months, so no need to re-apply within that time frame unless something changes for you.

Professional Requirements

    • At least 2 years professional experience in lifestyle, ‘human-based’ photography (such as a wedding or family photographer, as opposed to specializing in wildlife, landscape, or studio).
    • Your professional portfolio should clearly demonstrate a match with our style (light, bright, flattering, natural). See our blog for great examples.
    • A solid conversational level of English is necessary, and multiple languages are most definitely welcome!

*Please note: The resume section of the application form is completely optional. We do not require resumes for global photographer team applicants.

Best of Luck!
Team Flytographer