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Who We Are

KIPP SoCal Public Schools is a nonprofit organization that operates 23 tuition-free, open-enrollment charter public schools, within 20 Local Education Agencies (LEA), educating more than 10,000 students and supporting 6,800 alumni to and through college and beyond.

What We Believe

KIPP SoCal believes that the purpose of education is for liberation. This means that we see, develop, and inspire the limitless potential in each and all of our KIPPsters.

What We Do

At KIPP SoCal we build trusting relationships that are strengthened by high expectations and collaboration alongside laughter and joy. We set ambitious goals and hold each other accountable for students achieving their greatest potential. We work together with each other and in partnership with families and communities in the active pursuit of a more equitable world. We do the right thing, even when it's not always comfortable standing up and speaking out against anti-blackness, racism, oppression, and injustice. We persevere through obstacles and treat failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

What You'll do

The dean of teaching role is an instructional staff and manager position. The dean’s job is to support the school leader and/or ASL in driving academic and character outcomes for students as a key member of the school’s leadership team. Deans lead both instruction and school culture. The dean will work in conjunction with the school leader and other members of the school leadership team to invest a team of mission-driven educators to execute on the necessary components to meet the vision of the school. Key components of this job include:

- Modeling and executing the implementation of school-wide vision and goals
- Contributing to school-wide planning and prioritizing time to accomplish goals
- Building own and others’ instructional knowledge of standards, content and instructional methods
- Developing teachers to provide rigorous and high quality instructionLeading data-driven instruction
- Modeling strong staff and student culture  

This application is open until April 30th, 2024.

This role is signing bonus eligible up to $10K


    • Model and execute school-wide vision and goals
    • Plans, implements, and leads grade/department-specific priorities in support of the school-wide vision; leads select school-wide initiatives
    • Provides input on the development of the school-wide vision and takes an active role in investing and mobilizing teachers to achieve the collective goals of the school;
    • With guidance from the school leader, helps lead the planning and goal setting for the grades/departments that they coach and ensures alignment with school-wide goals

    • Contribute to school-wide planning and prioritize time to accomplish goals
    • Executes on implementing the school-based strategic plan, and identifies what the school’s strategic plan means for their own leadership and teams that they coach and manage

    • Build own and others’ instructional knowledge of standards, content and instructional methods
    • Develops strong understanding of academic standards in the subjects/grades for which they coach
    • Understands the implications of standards on what a student should know and be able to do, connect teachers with relevant resources to improve their content knowledge, and therefore what a teacher needs to know and be able to do to facilitate student mastery;  
    • Studies curriculum and assessment content and further develops understanding of how assessments map to content mastery, and what is required of students and teachers to accomplish mastery on the assessments; 
    • Teaches teachers how to assess for both student mastery and growth towards college readiness and insists that assessments are used to inform teacher instruction;
    • Develops own and teacher’s knowledge of best practices in instructional methods and teaches teachers how to match particular strategies to gaps in student mastery  

    • Develop teachers to provide rigorous and high quality instruction
    • Provide high-quality instructional coaching with frequent and scheduled teacher observations, actionable and bite-sized feedback, and accountability for adjustment in practice
    • Lead engaging, actionable, adult-learning workshops; and hold staff accountable for implementation of the workshop practices
    • May lead or coach others who lead department/content/grade-level meetings that focus on planning for and norming on instruction and culture, practicing instructional strategies, and progress monitoring the department/content/grade level
    • Coaches and manages 1 - 2 teams via KIPP’s Performance Management Cycle and Approach

    • Lead data-driven instruction
    • Help teachers on teams they manage to determine how data aligns to end-of-year goals, break-out data to analyze how every student groups is performing, determine what data is saying about areas of student mastery and growth, and identify specific instructional actions and adjustments to fill students’ knowledge and skill gaps and a timeline to do so 

    • Model strong staff and student culture 
    • Manages elements of school-wide character development and behavior management systems;
    • Implements systems and structures to ensure that most time is spent on teaching and learning, and that limited time is spent on reactive student discipline
    • Manages parts of daily school operations (e.g. arrival/dismissal, lunch/recess, school trips);
    • Acts as the designated point of contact for student intervention and parent engagement, and for any issues that arise related to the teams they manage; Delegates to grade/department leads for resolution, as appropriate.
    • Supports a culture where excellence is paramount by holding self and others accountable for achieving it

    • Additionally, 
    • Participates in and supports hiring diverse, highly-effective teachers and school staff through providing;
    • Evaluates direct reports’ performance in alignment with regionally set performance review cycles and policies
    • May be administrator designee in the absence of the school leader and/or assistant school leader
    • Other duties as assigned

Key Competencies

    • Student Focus: Belief that all students, regardless of background, have the ability to go to and through college; 
    • Build Relationships: Demonstrated ability to develop relationships with students, families, teachers and colleagues based on mutual respect, integrity and trust.
    • Cultural Competence: Demonstrated ability to create inclusive environments that honor and support a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives; demonstrated commitment to the school’s community.
    • Planning, Prioritization and Execution: Demonstrated ability to plan, prioritize, and execute on own and grade/department team's work
    • Direction-Setting and Team Leadership: Ability to lead a grade/department teams to reach vision and goals
    • Achievement Orientation and Performance Management: Demonstrated student achievement results in their own classroom. Demonstrated resilience and focus on student outcomes.
    • Instructional Leadership: Adept at data analysis; able to analyze student achievement data and identify team/individual teacher adjustments to instruction. Has built proficiency across own grade/department content standards and how they are assessed. Is beginning to develop proficiency in instructional coaching. 


    • Demonstrated passion for KIPP SoCal’s mission
    • Bachelor’s Degree (required); Master’s Degree (preferred).
    • A minimum of three to five years successful full-time teaching experience, preferably serving a similar student population
    • Possession of a valid preliminary or temporary/short term credential document authorizing service as a teacher issued by the California Commission on Teacher credentialing is strongly recommended


    • Competitive compensation package. Review our public salary scale here
    • 100% of healthcare premium costs covered by employer, dependents added at 50% of the cost
    • Employer-paid KIPP SoCal life insurance
    • 401(k) plan with up to 6% match by KIPP SoCal
    • Voluntary Benefits (Pet Insurance, Supplemental Life, Accident, Short Term Disability, etc.)
    • Generous paid time off program includes 22 holidays, sick leave, and vacation
    • Other great benefits (Flexible spending account, EAP, etc.)
The current priority application deadline is Friday, May 17, 2024 at noon. A member of the Talent Acquisition team will be in touch with next steps once the application is submitted.

At this time, we are able to share the following confirmed Dean openings. Please note that these are subject to change, with potential additional openings becoming available before the application deadline.

Please indicate which school(s) you want to be considered for in your first essay response, even if that school is not listed below. If you are not familiar with the school, please indicate a geographic preference and a lower school (TK-4) or upper school (5-8) preference. Thank you.

Openings: as of May 13, 2024
KIPP Empower Academy (TK-4); South LA; two openings
KIPP Scholar Academy (5-8); South LA
KIPP Compton Lower School (TK-4); South LA
KIPP Corazon Academy (5-8); Southeast LA
KIPP Raices Academy (TK-4); East LA

KIPP SoCal Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation/gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

KIPP SoCal strives to ensure that our careers website is accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities. If you require reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or hiring process due to a disability, please contact us. You can find our contact information on our website, Information will be sent to a talent acquisition representative who will provide assistance to ensure appropriate consideration in the hiring process.