Senior Business Strategy Manager

San Diego
Biz Strat
Welcome to the Business Strategy team! At Seer, we pride ourselves on innovation; standing out among the rest and enabling our clients to do the same. We do this by offering best in class digital strategy, backed by data, and driven through a variety of interactive tools that fuel our passion for the digital space.

You, the BD machine of our dreams, are a unique blend of strategist and salesperson. No, interruptive cold-calling definitely isn’t your style. That’s why you use data to understand who you can help win, and create ways to illustrate to prospective clients in a consultative, strategic manner. You have a proven track-record of turning inspiration into execution; even in the absence of instruction.

You never shy away from a challenge so, the idea of building out Seer’s West Coast Market Strategy from scratch is right up your alley.  You pride yourself on leaving a legacy everywhere you go, and, Seer is no exception. You’re results-oriented, data-driven, and allergic to complacency. After a couple months, you will be able to pinpoint your impact on Seer’s book of business, revenue, and processes.

Here's some of the cool things you'll be doing...

    • Serve as Seer’s West Coast BD presence while working alongside (virtually) a team of Business Strategy Managers in Philadelphia to evaluate new biz opportunities and on-board clients. With the help of Seer’s PHL-based Director of Business Strategy, you’ll ensure that all New Business goals are met
    • Act as the main point of contact for major new business opportunities, assessing the quality and fit of potential new clients
    • Work in tandem with Seer’s Marketing Division to host Events, generate new business, and expand Seer’s West Coast brand presence Own, develop and execute on a purposeful, innovate outbound strategy that coincides with Seer’s tone and culture
    • Work alongside our West Coast team and collaborate with practitioners on business pitches Serve as the ‘face of Seer’ at industry Conferences & Networking Events to identify new West Coast business opportunities for Seer (Networking and Mingling is what you do best!)
    • Own San Diego’s New Business Revenue Target and all associated processes from lead qualification to strategy consultation, and client kick-off meeting
    • Qualify and prioritize all sales leads like a champ, looping in team members and service line directors when appropriate
    • By demonstrating big picture marketing strategy, you’ll consult with prospective clients to illustrate how those efforts dovetail with long-term business strategy and goals
    • Just as prospective client partners vet Seer, you’ll do the same, ensuring that a new partner shares our beliefs surrounding marketing strategy, and will also plug in nicely to Seer’s company culture
    • Prepare and deliver site-specific proposals and negotiate contracts when applicable
    • Required Travel - 30% (ex: Training & Visits to Philadelphia HQ, Conferences, Client visits, etc)

The skills you'll bring...

    • You’ve been in the Business Development game for 5-10 years
    • You have an arsenal of BD tools at your disposal. Nothing gets you more excited than using technology to create efficiency & uncover insights
    • To say you’re a self-starter is an understatement. Your entrepreneurial spirit paired with your ability to simply ‘get shit done’ makes you an incredible asset to any company who is lucky enough to have you on their payroll
    • A proven track-record of exceeding goals in a fast-paced, high-growth environment. You like to hit the ground running on projects so, nothing is more aggravating than waiting idly on a project to be completed.
    • Like a true hustler, you’ve been known to roll up your sleeves and knock out a deliverable on your own in order to meet deadlines.
    • You’re a Networking champ with a seemingly infinite list of West Coast contacts. Building relationships is your forte #Connections4Days
    • While you love being part of a team, your ability to be 100% autonomous and self-directive has allowed you to thrive in uniquely challenging team situations. Working on a remote-team? Piece of cake!
    • Being the sole member of your department? Been there, done that. You’re intrinsically motivated but, having specific, quantifiable goals to hit brings out the best in you. For you, exceeding expectations is an everyday occurrence.
    • C-level execs don’t make you sweat-- in fact, you’ve gotten comfortable with pitching to decision-makers at Enterprise-level companies
    • You get shit done. Plain and simple. Nothing frustrates you more than bottlenecks and waiting around to execute on something. You’re motivated by scoreboards and you have the agility to move on multiple projects at once.

Bonus Points

    • Digital Experience? Yes, please!
    • Paid Search or Analytics chops? You’re too good to be true
    • Built an entire Business Development department from the ground up? We should talk.